Le Braci

Salento IGT Rosso

The grapes come from old alberello-trained vines of Negroamaro, picked late. The surmaturation, or slight raisining of the grapes, gives the wine a complex structure.
Intense colour with purple tints, tending to garnet. This is a wine which develops all its potential character during refinement in small barrels, a process which stabilizes the colour and softens the astringency of the tannins: the wine acquires a fresh aroma and a regal sumptuosity.

Its perfumes of flowers and fruit are attractively evident: mint, plum, very subtle notes of small fruits, liquorice, vanilla and spices.

The softness of its long taste closes with a pleasant vein of bitterness characteristic of the Negroamaro from which it comes.

Varietà delle uve: 
100% Negroamaro. Grapes are from Commune of Copertino.
Le Braci Negroamaro Vini Garofano